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Lyrics + music by Jess Starreveld
Produced by Vienna People
Mixed by Michael McGlynn + David Richards
Mastered by William Bowden
Keys and vocals by Jess Starreveld
Drums by Jamie Cameron
Bass by Harry Brus
Guitars by David Scotland
Additional keys, guitars, vocals, synth and percussion by Michael McGlynn
Strings by Jess Graham
Rap on ‘Humanity’ by L-FRESH The LION
Backing vocals by Carmen Smith, Laurence Tang and Robbie Coker
Additional guitars by Daniel Romeo
Piano on ‘Turbulence’ by Glenn Rhodes

Single and music video

A note from Jess:
This first single is called ‘Loud + Clear’ and was originally written as a response to the inhumane way we’ve seen asylum seekers treated in Australia. I wrote the song a few years ago, but still we’re seeing mistreatment in 2019. There’s also many other groups in our community who are experiencing discrimination so I wanted to share this song for the many people who want this to change, and highlight some incredible people in our community who are choosing to be a voice for the voiceless.

The song was produced by the very talented Michael McGlynn at Vienna People, featuring myself on vocals and piano, Jess Graham on violin and Harry Brus on bass. It was mixed with the amazing help of David Richards and mastered by William Bowden.

The music video was filmed at COMMUNE, made by the team at THREECOIN Pictures and directed by Tin Pang. It was an amazing collaborative process to be a part of. We combined our art forms – music and film – to highlight the message of the song. We’re both really excited to release this music video, and we hope it speaks out for those in our community who can’t.

(C) Copyright Jess Starreveld, 2019